Each of our reports is based on first-hand consultation and analysis and each is intended to be of direct practical benefit to the client. We conduct research on a wide range of topics and combine robust qualitative and quantitative methods with innovative analysis and thinking.

a. Pre-survey stage

ACRC works closely with clients (through meetings, pilot interviews and focus group discussion with relevant parties) to identify detailed requirements and determine the most cost-effective survey methodology to be adopted. We shall then work on detailed survey design including sampling plan and sample selection, questionnaire design, surveyor training, data analysis methodology, etc.

b. Survey stage

Main surveys or fieldwork are accomplished by mailing surveys, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, focus group discussion, public consultation, on-street surveys, on-site observation and measurement. Our team of consultants has extensive experience in handling large-scale survey, with over ten thousand telephone interviews, thousands of face-to-face interviews. Stringent quality control measures are adopted to ensure fieldwork quality.

c. Data processing and analysis

This part of the survey is led by a qualified statistician and well-experienced data analyst. Statistical imputation, test, analysis, tabulation, modeling and benchmarking are handled using appropriate software package and tailor made software.

d. Reporting, recommendations and follow-up actions

Upon completion of fieldwork and data analysis, a full set of reports, including tables, graphics, presentation Powerpoint and written report is produced. Recommendations and action plans are derived based on the survey findings. The Consultant can also work with the client on detailed follow-up actions and improvement plans.

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